The guy thinks Yona so you’re able to be in love with Soo-Won because she clings into the hairpin

Along with, Hak is quite supportive from Yona and can uphold the woman side regardless of the they deal with down the road, he’ll always be there. Eventually, when you look at the chapter 175, Hak and you may Yona fundamentally share a hug once he previously saved the lady from the Kai palace and you will is actually considerably amazed whenever Yona in the long run advised him you to she was in like with your given that better.

Soo-Acquired [ ]

In earlier times, Soo-Claimed and you will Hak have been youth friends in addition to their bond appeared unbreakable. Both of them recognized and you will greatly respected the fresh other’s performance. Due to this fact, Hak coached vigorously so as that he might be anyone value being a goal to own Soo-Acquired, who aspired as since good because the Hak, one-day searching for them to walk-on equivalent floor. [6] Hak respected Soo-Won completely, convinced that he may hop out Yona inside the proper care, [7]  and you can buried their feelings on princess. He also offered to end up being his ‘right hand’ to your updates that he and you will Yona 1 day partnered, encouraging that he carry out support him or her up until their passing away air. The 2 were and additionally stated getting elevated good falcon entitled Gulfan with her. [8] Yet not, its relationship ended the evening Soo-Won murdered the brand new King. [9]

Instance Yona, Soo-Won’s betrayal damage your even worse than just about any injury of looks, but initially, the guy didn’t externally let you know they so you’re able to individuals. Strong inside, the guy seethes that have blood crave and you will wants Soo-Obtained to pay for what the guy did in order to Yona and you will Emperor Il, trusting it to be his job to 1 time eliminate your. Whenever Hak preserves the brand new little princess off a nest from snakes immediately following she’d gone to select the latest hairpin, the guy gets they in order to the lady (with think it is earlier), proclaiming that however never ever forgive Soo-Claimed. Because it got to Yona the evening the new King try killed, Hak detests brand new hairpin, physically wanting little so much more but to help you break it. During the Awa as he finds Yona crying on to the floor immediately after having got an experience having Soo-Won, he reprimands himself convinced he’d become also complacent to have perhaps not targeting just what he considered to be the genuine possibility and letting their guard down. Planning on it, the guy glares off to your length, leading to Jae-Ha so you can comment on their “sorrowful blood crave.”

When you look at the part 91, Hak succumbs so you’re able to murderous outrage as he in the long run comes face to help you Corpus Christi dating service deal with having Soo-Acquired at the end of the water group arch, fighting anybody who got truly in the way in his warpath in order to visited Soo-Obtained, possibly the most other dragons. Because Jae-Ha and you may Kija keep him right back, Soo-Won with his entourage make their hasty departure, Hak stressed against the one or two inside the desperate dependence on revenge. He regains his senses whenever Yona matches their hands and you may says to him she actually is ok, cold Hak in position as he realizes the the total amount out of their measures. Even if Hak despises Soo-Claimed, it’s shown that this stems from how much cash he taken care of their former buddy and just how he might perhaps not fathom one to for the a single day the guy plotted in order to eliminate King Il he gave Yona one to hairpin. The guy stated that thereon night when he spotted Soo-Claimed prepared to silence this new princess, he was hit with the far suffering that he “thought his cardiovascular system shatter to help you parts.” Although not, pursuing the event where he loss control of his thinking immediately following he had seen Soo-Acquired adopting the betrayal he afterwards realized that the guy needed seriously to remain their outrage in check and should kept wade of the prior particularly Yona did.

Emperor Il [ ]

At first, Hak thinks about Emperor Il as the a beneficial ‘bubbly’ king who is good coward. [10] When you look at the occurrence 3 when Hak and Mundok was in fact fighting, Hak called Emperor ll “their Royal Chubbiness”. Yet not, in the event that emperor averted Tae-Jun out of establishing a combat by grabbing the fresh new knife away from their sword, Hak arrived at admiration your and you may vowed tremendous commitment to help you him and his awesome members of the family. Once the Emperor Il try their learn, he could be shame-affected if you are struggling to save your out-of Soo-Claimed, even saying that he’s going to be sorry throughout their lifetime. [11] On threats he and you will Yona face, the guy always asks Emperor Il to own their guidance, and also for the newest emperor never to grab Yona aside off your. [12]

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