The best dating apps to use in 2021

One in five UK Bumble users say they’ve joined after ending a committed relationship as a result of the pandemic, so embrace the rush of new dawn daters

he upsides of dating in January? It’s a new year, so that park crush you’re hoping to come across on Happn is probably just as desperate as you are to quit boring WhatsApp conversations that never goes anywhere and actually meet someone to couple up with.

Plus, Covid continues to bring a rush of new dawn daters: one in five UK Bumble users say they’ve joined after ending a committed relationship as a result of the pandemic – and post-Christmas breakup season means there’ll be more singles online than ever. If you want to meet them, start finding a friend to buddy up with: new double dating app Jungle promises to be the fun (and safer) new Hinge alternative for 2022.

Jungle isn’t the only new dating app on the scene. Londoner Sanjay Panchal has launched the world’s first anti-ghosting app (finally!); everyone’s talking about Victoria, the exclusive new members’ club of dating apps; and video dating app The Sauce has just announced it will plant a tree for every match – add that to your new year’s resolution list.


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So which app to commit to? From the TikTok-style dating platform for Gen Z-ers to the app that matches you on personality compatibility, this is your virtual dating encyclopaedia.

Jungle: for double dating

For 2022 you no longer have to choose between dating and going out with your mates – e time. The app’s creators say they spotted a surge in Hinge, Tinder and Bumble requests for double dates so decided to build a platform that does all the hard work for you.

The benefits of doubling up? It’s safer, less awkward, and eliminates those evenings wasted with someone you’re never going to see again – at least you’re guaranteed a fun night out with your wingman or wingwoman (and have a story to laugh about together afterwards).

Bonus feature: for a small fee you can have your profiles rated by dating experts. Will 2022 be the year men realise topless pictures aren’t as attractive as they used to think?

Victoria the App: for meeting fellow creatives

The Soho House of dating apps. Victoria the App describes itself as “a private global community centred around curated experiences” and insiders are already saying the social networking app is the perfect platform for meeting fellow creatives, whether it’s through art, culture or powerful conversations.

Membership doesn’t come cheap – subscriptions start at ? – but the USP is you’ll be invited to IRL events with likeminded people (Victoria says it’s values are kindness, acceptance and positivity). Kate Moss’ half-sister Lottie Moss and Brooklyn Beckham’s ex Hana Cross both attended the launch party at Marylebone members’ club Home House in October.

Snack: for video-flirting

Tinder meets TikTok. Snack promises to rid your feed of stale selfies and misleading prompts – its app is all based around the way Gen Z-ers really connect in 2022: via video.

Upload clips from your camera roll or answer a selection of Snack’s video prompts ( “My childhood dream job was. and my current profession is. ”), then let Snack’s algorithm do the matchmaking. Instead of swiping left or right, potential matches’ profiles will be displayed in a vertical feed. Just like or reply to their videos to get the conversation started. You’ve perfected your Zoom face by now – get recording.

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