If it doesn’t pass the above checks, then you don’t need a lawyer anymore

The post is about what to check for in the title so that you can immediately find out if it’s fake. You already know the title is fake.

Not only are many lawyers conspiring criminals, but a huge percentage of lawyers here simply do not even KNOW the law even for simple things such as citizenship issues of people born here. I would trust NO Philippine lawyer as far as I can throw my car.

If you cannot trust lawyer, who can you trust? Then the question is, Why even bother buying a piece of property in the Philippines?

Majority of them are Liar not Lawyer…as long as they can make money, ang mali nagagawa nilang tama at ang tama pwede nilang gawing mali.

R. 103727 and G

Trust and/or kindness makes the average Filipino’s eyes light up because those two traits are a sign of stupidity in the Philippines and you will get stung. If the seller shows signs of being insulted because you insist on going over their documents with a fine tooth comb, it might be a good idea to walk away.

what about checking on the decision of Judge Agana under Civil Case: LR 3957-P (DWCA) which was AFFIRMED AND CONFIRMED by SUPREME COURT EN BANC DECISION under #G.R.NO.103727 and #G.R.NO.106496 (with reference to pages 80 and 125 of the case LR 3957-P [DWCA] dated February 4, 1972 under Judge Enrique A. Agana) so…now the question remains the same: HOW CAN A TCT (TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE) DERIVED FROM OCT’s (ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE) BE LEGAL IF AND WHEN OCT’s WAS CANCELLED, NULL AND VOID “AB INITIO” as per Civil Case No. LR-3957-P (DWCA) and CONFIRMED and AFFIRMED by SUPREME COURT EN-BANC DECISION under G.R.106496.

If by “the above cited Philippine Jurisprudence”, you mean the above blog post, I want to clarify an important point that you may have sorely missed.

Actually reading the above blog post, even just for a minute, will help you see that Ms. Joanne’s purpose with the article is to inform people of how an actual Philippine land title looks like and feels like, as well as what important contents should be present in there.

She did not say in any way that those things are the only checks that should be done. Instead, she said that if the title passes those checks, then that’s when it is worth your time doing further hookupdate.net/pl/meetme-recenzja verification with LRA the RD and the local municipal offices concerned.

I’m sure you have a valid point to make, and we even agree to what you are implying. But I also think you are missing the whole point of the article above and that’s why you’re saying what you are “just saying” here.

The post also said that even if the title passes the immediate checks, you’re still not 100% sure it’s authentic until you verify it with the registry of deeds and/or with the LRA

as a translator, i’ve translated countless land titles from spanish into english. i can also tell a fake title by the typewriter used and if it jives with the date of the document. the style of the spanish language used is also an indicator whether a doc is fake or not.

Mr. Dai Lo are you still currently translating land title from spanish to english? The land title I purchased is in spanish and I need to convert this title into english.

If someone has a title created changing the heirs to the title and are about to begin an offer on a property, how do we stop it and show the buyer that the title was created illegally?

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